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Bank as a socially responsible company Societe General
Bank as a socially responsible company

One of the definitions of corporate social responsibility is that it includes a company’s actions towards creating better living and working conditions for the future generations, enabling their continuing improvement and progress. This definition fits best the actions of our bank because Societe Generale Montenegro is making sincere efforts in supporting projects in education, healthcare, culture and so on, which will be useful for our citizens and society for a longer period of time.

The support of the public demonstrates that this strategy is the right one. Societe Generale Montenegro was twice awarded with ISKRA philanthropy award (in 2011, 2012 and 2015) by the Fund for Active Citizens (FAKT), Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and Immigrants Center. In 2011 the bank was awarded for having supported the promotion of inclusive education in Montenegro, while in 2012 and 2015 the award was given for the overall contribution of the bank and its employees to the general welfare of the citizens and society.    

These awards are not only the awards to the bank. They are the awards to the individual, to each employee in the bank who performed many hours of voluntary work.

You can see below the most important projects which were implemented with the support of our bank. 


June 17, 2019 Warning for Clients

May 24, 2019 Exhibition of children’s artworks in the Space for Art

April 17, 2019 Exhibition of Ilija Kaludjerovic's paintings in the Space for Art

March 25, 2019 Exhibition of Nikolina Zuber's sculptures in the Space for Art

February 18, 2019 Exhibition of Masa Jovovic's paintings in the Space for Art

February 14, 2019 The Bank donated didactic equipment to more than twenty schools

December 17, 2018 Jubilee Iskra award goes to the Bank

November 26, 2018 Exhibition of Anastasija Kostic's artworks in the Space for Art

October 15, 2018 Exhibition of Ivanka Vana Prelevic's artworks in the Space for Art

September 14, 2018 Exhibition of Hajdana Kostic’s artworks in the Space for Art

September 20, 2018 Donation worth 18.000€ handed to Clinical Center of Montenegro

June 25, 2018 Exhibition of sculptures and drawings by artist Joveta Ljumovic in the Space for Art

May 17, 2018 Exhibition of children's works in the Space for Art

March 19, 2018 Exhibition of Katarina Svabic paintings in the Space for Art

March 8, 2018 Instead of purchase of 8th March gifts the Bank donated funds to charity

February 14, 2018 The Bank helped renovation of ambulance for physiatry and rehabilitation in the Institute for Children Disease within the Clinical Center of Montenegro

February 5, 2018 Exhibition of Hana Mirkov paintings in the Space for Art

December 8, 2017 Exhibition of Nina Vukčević paintings in the Space for Art

November 14, 2017 The Bank's donation of 20.000€ to Clinical Centre of Montenegro

October 26, 2017  Donation of 12.000€ in didactic equipment to educational institutions in Montenegro

October 23, 2017  Donation to the first gym for persons with disabilities

September 28, 2017  Exhibition of Zorica Lakić paintings in the Space for Art

September 1, 2017  Exhibition of Milena Živković paintings in the Space for Art

July 27, 2017  Exhibition of Damir Murseljevic in our Space for Art

June 19, 2017  Exhibition of souvenirs made by persons with disabilities

June 16, 2017  Exhibition of Gordana Trebjesanin in the Space for Art

May 09, 2017  Exhibition of Lada Perovic in the Space for Art

April 07, 2017  On the ocasion of the World Health day the Bank donates 15.000€ to health centers

March 21, 2017  Exhibition of Jasmina Redzepagic in the Space for Art

March 07, 2017  Association of parents of children suffering from cancer, “Fenix Montenegro”

February 21, 2017  Exhibition of Bojan Đukanović in the Space for Art

January 18, 2017  Exhibition of Nikola Radonjic in the Space for Art

November 16, 2016  Societe Generale bank Montenegro donated 24000€ to educational and medical institutions in Montenegro

November 02, 2016  Exhibition of Jovana Vujanović in the Space for Art

September 30, 2016  On the ocasion of International day of older people the Bank has organized chess tournament for its oldest clients pensioneers

August 03, 2016  Exhibition of Matan Vukcevic in the Space for Art

July 11, 2016  Employees of Societe Generale bank Montenegro donated food to single mothers and fathers in Montenegro

July 04, 2016  Donation of dental X ray to Health center Kolasin

June 15, 2016  Paintings of Srdjan Ilincic in the Space for Art

May 10, 2016,  Paintings of Jelka Šušović at Art Space

April 11, 2016,  Paintings of Ana Grujičić at Space for Art  

March 8, 2016,  Eight march marked with donation for children with cancer

February 19, 2016,  Paintings of Radovan Buric at Art Space

January 18, 2016,  Paintings of Sanja Raonić in Art space

December 25, 2015  New  Year’s gifts for students pedestrians from villages

December 24, 2015  Support to children with disabilities

December 7, 2015,  Special award for corporate philanthropy ISKRA

December 1, 2015,  Paintings and sculptures of artist Ivana Radovanović in Art space

November 26, 2015, Lecture on measures of protection in internet banking

November 17, 2015,  Support to revitalization of Ćemovsko field

November 16, 2015,  Support to inclusive education

November 04, 2015, Anniversary: 10 years of business of Societe Generale Group in Montenegro

October 21, 2015  Art works of Ivana Stanić in Art Space 

April 26,  2015, Green action of employees of Societe Generale Banka 

May 19, 2014 Societe Generale Montenegro donated 10 000 EUR for helping the areas affected by floods

May 18, 2014 Societe Generale Montenegro donated 150 tree seedlings – employees organised planting of seedlings

February 27, 2014  Societe Generale Montenegro donated the equipment to Clinical centre of Montenegro 10 000 EUR worth 

December 17, 2013 Societe Generale Montenegro awarded with ISKRA award 2012 for philantrophy

October 30, 2013 Pupils of primary school „Oktoih“ visited bank and learned how to save

September 2, 2013 The Bank donated new children’s playground in Podgorica

March 6, 2013 Women’s day donation and lectures on women’s health

June 12, 2012 Employees of the bank organized volonteering actions

April 26, 2012 The Bank received the award „Naravno, ravnopravno“ for best practice in achieving gender equality at work

March 22, 2012 First stimulation rooms in elementary schools in Montenegro have been opened thanks to donation of the bank

March 12, 2012 The Bank promoted Citizen project for students

February 16, 2012 The Bank helped the cities hit by natural disasters

December 8, 2011 The Bank awarded with ISKRA 2011.award for philantrophy for promotion of inclusive education

June 22, 2011 Employees of the bank raised charity funds for kindergarten


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