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10 years celebration

Podgorica, 4 November 2015



Societe Generale Group, one of the strongest banking groups in Europe, celebrates 10 years of business in Montenegro. Societe Generale banka Montenegro, as part of Societe Generale Group, marked this jubilee, with donations and sponsorship amounting €30,000.


After 10 years of doing business in Montenegro, the Bank supports economy and citizens of Montenegro 10 times more today than in 2005. This is confirmed by data on loan portfolio and deposits, back in 2005 and today in 2015. In 2005, loans amounted 31 mil € in total. Today total amount is close to 300 million €. Similar is with deposits. In 2005, deposits amounted 40 mil € while today they amount over 330 mil €. These figures are confirmation of high trust of individuals and great companies.

 As gratitude to this trust, Societe Generale banka Montenegro marked the jubilee with donation and sponsorship. Donations, 10,000€ each, are intended for Clinical Centre of Montenegro, Health Centre Podgorica, while traditional cooperation with  Montenegrin National Theatre is  continued. The Bank is a proud sponsor of the Theatre in the 2015/2016 season as well.

Two CTG apparatus are donated to Clinic of Gynaecology and Obstetrics within Clinical Centre. The donation will improve monitoring of the development of the fetus, i.e. monitoring tones and heart beats of babies during pregnancy.

Two modern video colposcopes are donated to Health Centre Podgorica. It will greatly improve the gynecology diagnostic and contribute to the prevention of cervical cancer.

With Montenegrin National Theatre, the Bank first established a partnership in 2011, and today it is one of the best examples of cooperation between the business sector and cultural institutions. The Bank and the Theatre agreed on special advantage for customers of the bank. All clients that pay theatre tickets with bank cards of Societe Generale Montenegro have 20% discount on ticket prices.

The Bank also joined the traditional activity of the Central Bank of Montenegro on the occasion of the Savings week. To all babies born from 31 October to 6 November, whose parents opened a savings account at Societe Generale banka Montenegro, 400€ will be donated, out of which 200€ will be provided by the Central Bank of Montenegro and 200€ by Societe Generale banka Montenegro.

With its contribution, Societe Generale Group wants to show that it is strategically committed to stay long-term in the Montenegrin market, and therefore, as a responsible member of the Montenegrin society, continues to actively participate and provide support through citizen commitment activities.

At the moment of celebrating the jubilee, donations and sponsorships are a way to expresses willingness to further build a common future, with its commitment, professionalism, tradition and team spirit.


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