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Women's Day marked with donation

Podgorica, 8. march 2016. 



By the decision of employed women of Societe Generale banka Montenegro this year's donation on behalf of 8. March will be delivered to the Association of Parents of Children from Montenegro with cancer "Fenix ​​Montenegro".

The donation worth 2,000 Euros will support the campaign of raising funds for renovating part of children's paediatrics departments for the treatment of children suffering from cancer, at the Clinical Center of Montenegro.

"The current situation is such that children with cancer are in same hospital premisses with other children, and their body, already destroyed by disease and chemotherapy, is subject to all other diseases and infections because of unsecured isolation. The plan for renovation and refurbishment is made, but it needs  substantial financial resources, said Dijana Stojanovic, President of the Association.

NGO Fenix informs that per year, up to 20 new children are diagnosed from cancer  and most are sent for treatment in Belgrade. This Association strives, through various projects, to strengthen the health care of children with cancer and their better position in society, during and after treatment, as well as rehabilitation after active chemotherapy. In addition to psychological support for children with cancer and their families, the association provides one-time financial assistance to families whose children are receiving medical treatment.

Societe Generale banka Montenegro will continue with marking International Women's Day with donations and socially responsible activities which seek to improve the status of women and children in the Montenegrin society.


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