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Donation marked 8 March


On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Societe Generale Bank Montenegro donated funds for gifts to the Institute for Children's Diseases (ICD), Clinical Center of Montenegro.

The donation is for the purchase of a syringe - pump for Department for anesthesia and resuscitation of ICD. Department for anesthesia and resuscitation ICD has not had so far a syringe – pump for continuously administering intravenous drugs. Syringe-pump delivers computer-controlled accurate and precise amount of intravenous anesthetics to children's body. This modern and simple method of intravenous drug delivery enables the precise and safe control of anesthesia. Its precision avoids giving lower doses drugs to the patient in anesthesia than the necessary, and thus the possibility that the patient awakes during surgery. Also, the use of this syringe pump disables overdose of drugs, which causes prolonged awakening from anesthesia.

Societe Generale Montenegro traditionally with its employees strives to be a responsible member of the Montenegrin society and to contribute to humanitarian activities. This donation is aimed at improving living conditions for children, and the conditions of treatment at the Institute for Children.

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