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Announcement on dividends disbursement

Societe Generale banka Montenegro AD hereby informs its shareholders on dividend disbursement pursuant to the decision of General Assembly held on 16th  May 2018 on allocation of profit realized in 2017.
Profit of Societe Generale banka Montenegro AD realised in year 2017 amounts to 7,391,272.48 EUR. Total gross amount of dividends to be disbursed to the shareholders amounts to 3,695,636.24 EUR (50% of profit). 

In accordance with valid Law on Corporate Income Tax (Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro, No 65/01, 12/02, 80/04, Official Gazette of Montenegro, No 40/08, 86/09, 40/11, 14/12, 61/13, 55/16), articles 29 and 29a, disbursement of dividends are subject to 9% withholding tax, unless agreements on double-taxation avoidance regulate differently. In accordance with the law, disbursement of dividends will be done in net amount, after the tax withholding. 

Shareholders of Societe Generale banka Montenegro AD which possessed shares of the bank on 16th  May 2018, i.e. were registered in the List of Shareholders of the Bank with the Central Depository Agency on that day (the day on which the resolution on payment of dividends is passed), are entitled to dividend disbursement. 
Disbursement of dividends starts on 1st June 2018.

For all additional information, please contact Societe Generale banka Montenegro AD, Podgorica:

Societe Generale banka Montenegro AD
Accounting Unit
Bulevar Revolucije No.17
81000 Podgorica

Phone:+382 (0)20 415 601


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