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Award for philanthropy

Podgorica, 7. december 2015



Societe Generale banka Montenegro won a special award for corporate philanthropy ISKRA. At the ceremony on Friday, December 4, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro Ljiljana Filipović delivered the award to the Chief Operating Officer of the Bank Ms. Marina Banovic.

"For Societe Generale banka Montenegro the year 2015 is another year marked by prestigious awards: We are declared to be the best bank in Montenegro, by two renowned international magazines The Banker and Euromoney. That we are good bankers, we more or less know, while recognition Iskra in area of socially responsible attitude towards the community, to which we hold exceptionally, and for which we are not specialized, for us, has a special significance because it is the confirmation that even in this field we keep the right direction "said Banovic. She said she is particularly pleased with the award, adding that the bank will continue to provide further support to the community in which it operates”.  

For the third time Societe Generale banka Montenegro received award Iskra - Award for philanthropy. The first time, in 2011, the Bank won the special award for contribution to inclusive education, while in 2012, award for contribution at the national level.

In 2015, within the corporate social responsibility, the Bank paid special attention to the support of the health system, inclusive education, culture and environmental protection, with its contribution, voluntary actions, where employees took part.

Medical equipment, for the Clinical Center of Montenegro and Health Center Podgorica, each worth 10,000 Euros, improved monitoring of the development of the fetus, as well as gynecological diagnosis and prevention of cervical cancer. The Bank donated syringe - pump for precise delivery of anesthesia during the operation of children, at the Institute for Children's Diseases.  About 40 employees participated in the voluntary blood donation as part of a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of these activities.

The Bank gave special contribution to inclusive education. The Bank donated specialized equipment for children with visual impairment who attend four elementary schools in Montenegro. For all primary schools, manuals to improve teaching children with autism, as well as talented and gifted students were donated. Employees of the Bank through the "Donate a Book" activity collected about 360 books and donated them to the elementary school "Vukašin Radunović" in Berane.

The Bank supported the development of culture, too. It is the proud sponsor of the National Theatre in the 2015/2016 season, as well as the activities of the French Cultural Centre in 2015. The Bank enabled, until now, exhibitions for five young academic artists.

In relationships with customers and employees, the Bank intends to act socially responsible. Recently,  a lecture on “The risks in electronic business and measures of protection in the Internet banking" was organized. By the end of 2015, we will continue with our socially responsible activities in line with the needs and priorities of the communities in which we operate. In the coming year, special attention will be focused on education and culture.


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