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The Bank donated 24000€ to schools and hospitals

Societe Generale bank Montenegro donated computers and other equipment for schools and kindergartens, and provided financial support to health institutions for purchase of medical equipment in many cities in Montenegro. Total donation amounted to 24 000€.

In order to improve the IT skills of pupils, which are the imperatives of modern society and its requirements, the Ministry of Education suggested to the Bank which schools and institutions have the greatest need for improvement of teaching equipment.

Twenty four educational institutions got computers, printers, didactics or financial support for libraries and air condition equipment. Donations are given to primary schools: JU OŠ „ 25. maj“ in Rožaje, JU OŠ „Risto Manojlović“ in Kolašin, JU OŠ „Njegoš“ i JU OŠ „Milosav Koljenšić“ in Danilovgrad, JU OŠ „Bedri Elezaga“ in Ulcinj, JU OŠ „ Drago Milović“ in Tivat, JU OŠ „Druga osnovna škola“ in Budva, JU Gimnazija „Niko Rolović“ in Bar, JU Gimnazija „Slobodan Škerović“ in Podgorica, JU OŠ „Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin“ in POdgorica, JU OŠ „Marko Miljanov“ in Podgorica, JU OŠ „21. maj“ in Podgorica, JU OŠ „Vuk Karadžić“ in Podgorica, JU OŠ „Savo Kažić“ in Barutana, JU OŠ „Radojica Perović“ in Podgorica, JU OŠ „Milorad Musa Burzan“ in Podgorica, JU OŠ “Vlado Milić“ in Podgorica, JU OŠ „Boško Radulović“ in Komani, JU OŠ „Milan Vukotić“ in Podgorica, Resource center „1. jun“ in Podgorica, Orphanage „Mladost“ in Bijela, as well as to kindergartens: JPU „Dušo Basekić“ in Bijelo Polje, JPU „Radmila Nedić“ in Berane and JPU „Zagorka Ivanović“ in Cetinje.

"Providing the educational institutions with computer equipment is a prerequisite for the application of ICT in the teaching process. These and similar activities of the socially responsible companies significantly contribute to a better quality of teaching, learning efficiency and better didactic organization. We expect this good cooperation with Societe Generale bank Montenegro to be continued in the future, that will be a good example to other socially responsible companies in Montenegro, "said Ariana Nikolić-Vučinić, Director General for preschool and primary education and education of people with special needs in the Ministry of education.     

In October, the Bank donated funds to medical centers in Montenegro as follows: General Hospital Nikšić, Neonatology Clinics in order to help them purchase Equipment for screening the hearing of newborns, Dom zdravlja Danilovgrad, General Hospital Berane, Dom zdravlja Cetinje and Kolasin which got the funds for the joint purchase of dental X-ray machines. Among the institutions that have also received donations are General Hospital Kotor, Tivat Health Center and Health Center Rožaje.

The aim of corporate social responsibility activities of Societe Generale Montenegro is to create better conditions of life for future generations. We traditionally support projects in the fields of education and health, and we are pleased that we have contributed this year to the improvement of working conditions in schools and health centers. Together with our employees we will continue to encourage socially responsible activities, as well as solidarity in view of the fact that the bank is made of individuals who make these decisions about donating.“ - said Mile Grbin, Head of marketing in the Bank.

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