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The Bank helped renovation of ambulance for physiatry and rehabilitation in Clinical Center

President of the Board of Directors of Societe Generale bank Montenegro, Mr. Milorad Katnić and Chief Commercial Officer, Mr.  Radule Raonić, together with General manager of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, Zorica Kovacevic, and Medicine manager, doctor Snežana Raspopović, Head of Institute for children Diseases , doctor  Sonja Milašinović and physiatrist doctor Milena Adžić visited physiatrist and rehabilitation ambulance in Institute for children diseases, which was equipped thanks to the donation of the bank in amount of 20 000 euro.

Societe Generale Bank Montenegro, as a socially responsible company, devotes special attention to projects that are important for the welfare of all citizens of Montenegro, and one of the priorities in its socially responsible action is to improve the health system and support the creation of better conditions for treatment and stay in health institutions.
President of the Board of Directors of the Bank, Milorad Katnić expressed his satisfaction with the donation.

"We are pleased that through our regular donations we can help the Clinical Center of Montenegro, as the largest health institution in the country, in their mission of providing care and treatment to our citizens. The health of all residents of Montenegro, and especially the youngest members of our society, should be a priority, and therefore we hope that this donation of the bank will contribute to this goal, "said Mr. Katnić, thanks to the cooperation with CCMNE and the management of this institution.

"First of all, I would like to thank you for the cooperation we have with the Clinical Center of Montenegro. I want to thank to director Kovacevic and the doctors, not only for our good cooperation, but because they are at the service of patients. We are committed, as a bank, to allocate a portion of our profits in those areas that we believe are the most important for our society. First and foremost, health care and education. This is our attempt and a modest contribution to help the development of the health sector and the improvement of health care. We are very happy that the money was spent for the Department of Physiotherapy, for the youngest patients, and that today we can see that this has been done rationally, efficiently and optimally for a short time and that the children who will have care here will have very good conditions, "said. Mr. Katnic who took the opportunity to invite others to follow their example.
We use the opportunity, not to promote our bank that regularly supports such activities, but also to invite others, our clients and other big companies to be socially responsible and allocate some of their profits in these areas that are really a priority for society and our citizens " Mr. Katnić was explicit , thanks to the employees of the bank who, not only through allocation of a part of profit, but also through their individual activities and actions, support the health sector and the education sector in Montenegro.”

Director Kovačević handed a recognition note to Katnić as a “reminder that they did a good deed” - she said.

"It's just on me to thank to my friends from the bank who met our needs many times already. I think the funds have been invested in the right way and to the right place. It took little time for us to agree, just a few minutes, to invest the funds in the Children's Hospital as our priority. To Clinical Center's management, the Institute for Children Diseases was in the focus with regard to equipment, donations and education, „stated director Kovačević.
"On a daily basis we ensure to provide everything needed for the Children Diseases Institute as soon as possible. I want to thank for the cooperation we have, for help and understanding, and I hope that we will continue to agree on even more important things, in the future, such as the construction of capital facilities that we intend to do during this and next year, "said Kovačević, citing that CCMNE had nearly two million donations in the past year. She expressed the belief that CCMNE will have a large number of donations this year and will continue to direct them to the Institute for Children Diseases. 

*this text is an extract of the press release made by Clinical Center of Montenegr

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