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Green activity at Ćemovsko field

Podgorica, 17. november 2015



Societe Generale banka Montenegro supported the joint action of revitalization of Ćemovsko field, by the proposal of “Zelenilo” company. The action is implemented by “Zelenilo”, within the campaign “Be responsible”, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration and non-governmental organizations NGO Ozon and Green Home.

Reconstruction of green space is enabled with the funds collected through the campaign of the Government of Montenegro, by which half of the value of fines for the gray economy, imposed by citizens' complaints, are invested in projects of general public importance. The Bank gave its contribution with providing planting material and enabling replacement of old trees with new.

For years, Societe Generale banka Montenegro is making an effort to raise awareness about environmental protection, investment in structures, green areas, as well as the importance of voluntary activities of employees.

Societe Generale Group, whose member is our Bank, developed a proactive approach to environmental protection in all countries where it is present. In line with this approach it has funded several environmental projects in the countries where it operates, in various areas: in the development of renewable energy (production of windmills, the realization of projects for the utilization of solar energy and energy from recycled waste), transport without pollution, as well as in area of reforestation. As a group with a large number of employees and large infrastructure, Societe Generale makes continuous efforts to reduce and control the carbon emissions resulting from the company's business, such as power consumption, the use of official vehicles, the consumption of paper and waste recycling.

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