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Chess tournament within the bank

On the ocasion of International Day of old people, 1st October, Societe Generale bank Montenegro hosted its oldest clients pensioners and organized for them a chess tournament in the bank’s HO.
Except the clients pensioners, the Bank hosted also representatives of Chess Federation of Montenegro. The member of Federation, grandmaster and selector of men chess representation, Mr. Milan Drasko, who has just returned from chess Olympiad in Baku, played by this occasion simultaneous chess with pensioners.

„Societe Generale bank Montenegro organized this tournament with the purpose to demonstrate care and respect for the older part of population, as well as to promote chess as activity which influence on development of mental capacities not only of young but also of older people” – said in name of the bank Mile Grbin, Head of Marketing.

On behalf of Chess association of Montenegro, Radojica Grba, president, welcomed pensioners and expressed his satisfaction that chess is promoted this way and the respect for old persons showed. Researches show that chess improves memory, capacity for solving problems, as well as concentration. Regular chess playing improves activity of brain cells and disposes their aging.

There are over 80 000 of old persons living in Montenegro, elder than 65, and it is estimated that till 2050 the quarter of citizens in our country will be in the age above 65 years. Searches show that old persons in Montenegro are sensitive group and due to problems as bad health, and very often impossibility to take care of their own, should be dedicated special care to them. Societe Generale bank Montenegro wanted to contribute this way to celebration of the International day of old persons by this action.

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