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Blood donor activity



On the occasion of the World Blood Donor Day on 14 June 2015, the Societe Generale Bank of Montenegro organized a blood donation in collaboration with the Blood Transfusion Institute of Montenegro. Employees in Podgorica donated blood in the Head Office of the Bank, while employees in other branches will contribute to the local organizational units of the Institute for Blood Transfusion.

Blood donation is usually offered hand of help to those suffering from serious diseases, injuries from road traffic and other accidents, women during pregnancy complications or postpartum patients with severe anemia, all ages and all populations.

"In Montenegro, blood donors make about 2.7% of the total population, which is not enough for the provision of sufficient quantities of blood. In order to have a satisfactory level of needed blood, it is essential that that number is 4%, said transfusion specialists doctor Tamara Šćepanović. She particularly emphasized the importance of such actions in the summer months, during the tourist season, when the Blood Transfusion Institute of Montenegro has received an increased number of requests for issuing blood components.

Head of Marketing Strategy and Advertising Mr. Mile Grbin said that Societe Generale Banka Montenegro traditionally, with its employees, strives to be a responsible member of the Montenegrin society and contribute to humanitarian activities.

 "The purpose of launching this campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation and breaking prejudices. We hope that our example will invite others to join the campaign", added Mr. Grbin.

In Montenegro still dominates family giving blood for the designated patient, if necessary. With this action our Bank wants to take part in the development of voluntary blood donation for all those in need and to give contribution to providing the daily required amount of blood.  

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