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Donation to all primary schools



Societe Generale Banka Montenegro donated to all primary schools in Montenegro handbooks for improving teaching talented and gifted students, edition of the Institute for Textbooks and Teaching aids.

These handbooks are intended to help the teaching staff to identify talented students, monitor and evaluate student’s achievement. The Bank has recognized the need to support the development of talented students in the education system because they are the foundation of more rapid and successful social development.

"The handbook is the result of thinking about how to improve current approach and support to gifted students in our schools. This is the first handbook of this type in our country, but also in the environment", said Director of the Institute for Textbooks and Teaching Aids Ms Zoja Lalović.

This handbook includes questionnaires for teachers, students and parents that can be used in the process of identifying gifted children, as well as tabular overviews of types of talented students, forms of support, educational needs and potential problems in the education of the gifted.

This donation, implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Institute for Textbooks and Teaching Aids - Podgorica, is only one of actions with which the Bank seeks to give support to the education system in Montenegro. So far, Societe Generale Banka  Montenegro has already donated the first inclusive stimulating rooms in five primary schools in Podgorica and over 800 manuals for working with children will be distributed to primary schools in order to be prepared for the start of following school year. 

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