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The Bank donated the equipment to Clinical centre

Podgorica, 27th February 2014 

Societe Generale Montenegro donated to the Clinical centre of Montenegro the equipment 10 K€ worth. Bearing in mind that having the optimum health care in the Clinical centre requires the permanent improvement and development of the capacities, the bank decided to donate four specialized hospital beds for the needs of Obstetrics and Delivery Clinic and Internal ward. Two beds are intended for the “preparation room” of the delivery ward and two for Endoscopy Ward.    

When handing over this valuable donation Mr. Radule Raonic, the Chief Commercial Officer of Societe Generale Montenegro, said: “Societe Generale Montenegro as socially responsible company keeps participating in different activities of general interest what represents one of our basic strategic commitments. By recognizing the efforts of the Clinical centre of Montenegro to improve and enhance the quality of health care services, we dedicate this donation to their customers and we put the general social interest as priority of our acting in a year in which we celebrate 150 years of existence.”.

The General Manager of Clinical centre of Montenegro, Md Milan Mijovic handed out to Societe Generale Montenegro the Acknowledgment letter on behalf of the largest medical institution in Montenegro, expressing his satisfaction that this medical centre enriched its wards with valuable equipment:

«  The Clinical centre of Montenegro continues to receive the donations which will, we hope, enable that our insurers have the equipment of the highest quality and that our excellent medical staff provide excellent healthcare. In that sense, the donation of Societe Generale Montenegro as one of the strategic partners contributed that our customers and employees have better working conditions and better equipment. I would like to thank on behalf of all employees and customers to Societe Generale Montenegro and I hope that such activities will become traditional.»

With this donation, Societe Generale Montenegro wanted to contribute to the efforts of the Clinical centre of Montenegro to provide excellent healthcare in accordance with modern trends in development of diagnostics and treatment technologies.  ustanova crnogorskog zdravstva, sprovodi visokospecijalizovanu dijagnostiku, liječenje, konsultativne, specijalističke i subspecijalstičke.

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