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Books donated to all primary schools

Podgorica, 19 June 2014


Societe Generale Montenegro donated to all primary schools in Montenegro handbooks for advanced teaching in inclusive education. More than 800 handbooks for work with children will be distributed to primary schools to make them ready for the start of the next school year.

In the previous period a large number of children with special education needs were included in regular schools with the intention to educate them in the conditions that suit their needs and possibilities. In order to fully to respond to the needs of such children, it is important that the teachers acquire specific knowledge of individual development difficulties, with a focus on methods and modern approaches in teaching. To that end, Societe Generale Montenegro donated a number of specialized and thematic handbooks for work with children with special education needs prepared by the Institute for textbooks and teaching aids. Some of them are: “Approach to inclusive practice in education“, “Inclusive education in primary schools”, Individual development and educational programmes, Handbook for educators, teachers and other professionals, Reading and writing difficulties, Handbook for work with children in the process of learning to write, Mastering mathematical concepts without trouble, Handbook for Cycle I. Handbook for work with autistic children is in preparation and will be distributed to schools in the autumn.  

In each of 163 primary schools in Montenegro, these handbooks will help primarily the teachers to strengthen their inclusive practical and methodical competences, to adjust and improve the teaching methods for children with development difficulties, but it will also help in advancing teaching approach for all the pupils in simpler learning of graphomotor, verbal and other skills.

Support to inclusion from first years of life through play and social interaction is very important to ensure long-term success for the children and to provide opportunity for each child to develop up to his or her full potential. This donation is a specific effort of Societe Generale Montenegro to assist the development and advancement of children from the very beginning of education process in the best possible way.

Societe Generale Montenegro has already donated the first inclusive rooms in five primary schools in Podgorica, and this donation is a contribution to further advancement and promotion of inclusive education in Montenegro. The project that the Bank carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Education is one in the series of socially responsible activities organized as part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Societe Generale Group.

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