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Exhibition of children's works in the Space for Art

The exhibition of children's works, attendees of a creative workshop by Nada Kažić, was opened in the Space for Art at the Societe Generale Montenegro Head office. The realization of the exhibition was supported by the JU Podgorica Museums and Galleries, and nighteen works on terracotta with FACE subject were exhibited. The authors of these works are: Mia Avilez, Luka Banović, Lara Dlabač, Viktor Dlabač, Ivana Đurašković, Milorad Gojković, Sofija Gojković, Jana Laković, Marko Laković, Janja Miljanić, Luka Pešić, Marko Pešić, Ana Rakićević, Vidak Stojović, Filip Vujadinovic, Mateja Vuksanovic, Mina Vuksanovic and Jovan Zuber.

"The chosen works are imaginative and playful, spontaneous and seductive, flirtatious and tantalizing, hence all that characterizes the children and their creativity, magic of creation and spontaneous play. The chastity of the form is characteristic of this age and the spirit of the child.
Exceptional propensity to the experiment is evident in these works so we can see the different materials they used: clay, wire, glass, glass, mirror, various colors by exploring different creative fields. There is a series of portraits in the teracots and drawings that accompany this interesting and creative process inspired by fantasy, films, fairy tales, everyday life and the surrounding environment.
On these children's works, we can see blue, red, orange, green, yellow and other colors that point to different childhood conditions. This is how this interesting collection of portraits is created, where each face is unique and has its character. Fantastic faces sometimes seem scary and sometimes comic or lovely, cheerful or said. In this way we also go through the scenes of their childhood, we return to the carefree, unrestrained freedom of creative expression.
" the artist Nada Kazic said on the occasion of this exhibition.

The project Space for Art is intended to young artists in order to promote their ideas and support their future work, and it was started within the Citizen Commitment initiative at the global level of Societe Generale Group. The Bank will keep striving promotion of artists through its communication channels and corporate profiles on social networks Facebook and Twitter

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