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Exhibition of Damir Murseljevic in our Space for Art

The exhibition of art photography by Damir Murseljević was opened in the Space for Art in the Societe Generale Montenegro Head office. This is the first exhibition of photos organized in the bank, which is the proof that contemporary artists are also able to express themselves and communicate with their audience in the Space for Art.

On his work and this exhibition, the artist stated:
"Photography, as well as any other type of art, is experienced differently from man to man. The key reason for this art lies in the personal stamp and my need to visualize, in a valid visual way, how I 'look' or 'see' the world around me.
It all started with film art, as the most complex form of artistic expression, which has an incredible ability to combine different artistic expressions...
And then, quite accidentally, I came into the possession of a PENTAX K1000 camera and instead of moving I turned "(not) moving pictures", finding in my photo as the primary expression.
The photo is the one that gives the possibility of a specific glimpse of the world - this one moment, a fraction of a second you're trying to capture - forever.
Inspired by Man Ray's work, Stan Brakhage, Chris Marker on the one hand, and MTV's golden video clips, on the other hand, I started playing with multiple exposures on the film. For me, it was the enjoyment of temporal separation of people and situations from one place to another.
Under my eyes, everything I caught could be brought under the same sight. These were a lot of "movies" without cameras, actors, and productions ... Although my mini world of photography was often impressed with the abstract, it never really was - underneath there was always a small-great story.

This is also the case with this setting. It is basically noticeable that the photos are thematically oriented to natural beauty, both in terms of female characters on them and in the landscapes through which they see it. "

Biography and exhibitions:
Damir Murseljević was born in 1979 in Podgorica. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje - Department of Graphic Design.

Solo exhibitions:
2007  Anyday’s Diary – Kuslevova kuća, Podgorica
2007  Anyday’s Diary – Gradska galerija, Kotor
2009  Analogue Troublebath – Café Berlin, Podgorica
2015  The Act of Seeing with One’s Other Eyes – Galerija Solidarnosti, Kotor
2016  Estranged Memories of my Kingdom – Porto Montenegro, Tivat
2017 Bajkovita mreža odraza – Kulturni centar Novog Sada, Novi Sad in cooperation with KIC ‘’Budo Tomović’’, Podgorica
2017 The Private Psychedelic Reel – Centar Savremene Umjetnosti Crne Gore

Group exhibitions:
2001  Izložba škole stripa – Cafe Yellow Moon, Cetinje
2015 Analogue Troublebath II – exhibition within the program of Festival Internacionalnog Alternativnog Teatra – FIAT 2015
2015  2. World Art Games Bratislava - Slovačka
2016  3. World Art Games Podgorica - Crna Gora
2016   Por la Paz – exhibition on the occasion of World Peace Day, Muzej istorije i umjetnosti, Guanajuato, Mexico

The project Space for Art is intended to young artists in order to promote their ideas and support their future work, and it was started within the Citizen Commitment initiative at the global level of Societe Generale Group.
The Bank will keep striving promotion of artists through its communication channels and corporate profiles on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

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