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Exhibition of Nikola Radonjic in the Space of Art

The exhibition of Nikola Radonjić, young Montenegrin artist, is opened today in the Space of Art, within the Head office of Societe Generale bank Montenegro.

The exhibition is made of nine works of arts.

At the new exhibition opening, the artist stated:

“In my creative work drawing plays a very important role. I consider drawing into two types. One is pure, reduced, with minimal lines, displayed free of any form of shading and color. In the second type is noticeable line searching, these lines are formed, colored and emphasize certain parts - my approach in creating these drawings is similar to painting. While I draw, I very often reveal certain things that I later apply to the relief and sculpture.”

The project Space of Art is intended to young artists in order to promote their ideas and support their future work, and it was started within the Citizen Commitment initiative at the global level of Societe Generale Group.

The Bank will keep striving promotion of artists and sale of their paintings through its communication channels and corporate profiles on social networks Facebook and Twitter.  


Artist biography:

Nikola Radonjic was born on April 25, 1986. in Podgorica. He completed his secondary Art school "Petar Lubarda" Cetinje and basic and specialized studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts also in Cetinje.

He was awarded the annual award for free drawing by FLU Cetinje. He had numerous group exhibitions and projects in Montenegro and abroad.

Nikola Radonjić is a member of the Association of Artists of Montenegro since 2010.


Individual exhibitions:

2013 Galerija Centar - Podgorica

2013 Lustica Bay - Tivat

2014 Galerija Marko K. Gregović – Petrovac


Other group exhibitions and projects:

2008 Godišnja izložba Fakulteta Likovnih Umjetnosti na Cetinju;

2008 “Noć Muzeja”, Muzeji i Galerije – Podgorica;

2008 Izložba Fakulteta Likovnih Umjetnosti sa Cetinja

i studenata fakulteta Arhitekture iz Podgorice,”Plavi Dvorac” – Cetinje;

2008 Expeditio projekat„Odraz umjetnosti u javnim prostorima Cetinja“.

2009 Godišnja izložba Fakulteta Likovnih Umjetnosti na Cetinju;

2009-2016 Savremena Crnogorska Skulptura, Umjetnička kolonija – Danilovgrad

2010 Izložba studenata Fakulteta Likovnih Umjetnosti Cetinje, klub Berlin – Podgorica

2010 Izložba “Orientation“ Metz, galerija de l'esplande-Metz,Francuska

2010 Hercegnovski zimski salon galerija Josip-Bepo Benković-Herceg Novi

2011-2016 Godišnja izložba Udruženja Likovnih Umjetnika Crne Gore – Podgorica;

2010 Projekat “Orientation“ Metz-Francuska

2012 3d projekcija„U istom gnijezdu pod kraljevskim brijestom „(skulptura)-Cetinje

2015 Realistična Skulptura “ATLAS” (u dvoristu Javne ustanove za smještaj, rehabilitaciju i resocijalizaciju korisnika psihoaktivnih supstanci Kakaricka gora.)

2015 Izložba „Sladja bez šećera“, muzeji i galerije Podgorica -Galerija Art.

2016 38. Crnogorski likovni salon trinaesti novembar,Cetinje-Crnogorska galerija umjetnosti “Miodrag Dado Djurić”

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