Exhibition of sculptures and drawings by artist Joveta Ljumovic in the Space for Art | Societe Generale Montenegro
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Exhibition of sculptures and drawings by artist Joveta Ljumovic in the Space for Art

In the Space for Art in the Head office of Societe Generale Bank Montenegro, an exhibition of the artist Joveta Ljumovic was opened. Five sculptures and six drawings are exhibited, depicting the beauty of the animal world predominantly birds. About his exhibition, the artist said:
   "My entire creative work is devoted to the visual interpretation of the animal world. All these organic forms are inspired by the connection of man, nature, and art. The shapes are reduced to a compact mass of smooth surfaces with a slight accentuated motion. By aligning the relationship between form and stone as material, I try to create an illusion of organic matter. Birds are a common motif in my creation. In the animal world there is a wide variety of forms that are very inspirational.
Montenegro with all its natural beauties is rich in stone suitable for sculpture. Stone as a material is very demanding for work and has its own rules that we must respect. Through my work I want to confirm that man and nature are inextricably linked."

Artist biography:
Joveta Ljumović was born on November 14, 1967 in Starčevo, Vojvodina.
The secondary school, Department of Industrial Design, completed in Podgorica in 1986.
He studied visual education at the Philosophical Faculty in Niksic.
He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Theology, in the class of Professor Pavle Pejović in 1994.
He is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro since 1994.
He has exhibited at about seventy collective exhibitions and several solo exhibitions.
Public Works: Memorial Feature - portrait in marble, prof. Dr. Zaharina Grigorij Antonovič, Waterworks Building in Danilovgrad
He is the winner of the sculpture award for ULUCG "Lubarda, Stijović, Milunović" for 2011.
Works in PI Art Colony in Danilovgrad.
He lives in Podgorica.

The project Space for Art is intended to young artists in order to promote their ideas and support their future work, and it was started within the Citizen Commitment initiative at the global level of Societe Generale Group.
The Bank will keep striving promotion of artists through its communication channels and corporate profiles on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

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