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Exibition of souvenirs made by persons with disabilities

The exhibition of souvenirs and artcrafts of persons with disabilities is opened in the Societe Generale Bank Montenegro's Head office. Souvenirs are made by the members of the Nikšić Association for help to persons with disabilities.

Visitors, clients and employees of the bank will be able to purchase souvenirs at a symbolic price from 1 to 5 euros  and donate that way funds to this association and its members.

The Association for the help to persons with disabilities was established in 1991 in order to help to improve the quality of life of children and youth with disabilities.

At the opening of the exhibition, on behalf of the association, Mrs. Miluša Cica Zugic said:

„ We look forward to working with Societe Generale bank Montenegro, which proved to be a socially responsible company that builds its success on a responsible attitude towards its customers and the citizens of Montenegro, demonstrating their humanity and care for the vulnerable groups in society.

Association for Assistance to persons with mental and physical disabilities is recognized in the Montenegrin public through protecting the rights of persons with disabilities and the provision of social support services to children and youth with disabilities.

Funds raised in this campaign will be a very significant contribution to the activities of the Association and the best example of good cooperation between civil society organizations and the private economy sector. This is an opportunity to also promote the employment of people with disabilities who make wonderful souvenirs and try to be productive members of society.“

This exhibition is organized as part of a global initiative of the Societe Generale Group - Citizen Commitment Time. Societe Generale Bank Montenegro is joining this initiative every year through various socially responsible and voluntary activities.

"We are pleased to see our employees and bank clients, showing their solidarity through this exhibition. Societe Generale bank Montenegro is known as an institution that fosters the principles of social responsibility in its business. Our colleagues are aware of the importance of solidarity and volunteering, and they have proved it in the past years. I hope that our employees, along with our clients, will donate a significant amount to the Association for help to persons with disabilities, even this year. On this occasion, we would like to thank the Tourist Organization of Plužine and Piva Nature Park, who gave us stands for this exhibition and made this presentation of souvenirs look even better, and contribute that way to the good organization of the event. " - said Slađana Radovic, the bank's spokeperson.

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