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Green action



Employees of Societe Generale Banka Montenegro organized today a "green" activity in the yard of the Institute for Children's Diseases, Clinical Center of Montenegro. They arranged the garden, planted the plants and set up benches for which they voluntarily raised funds.

"We have chosen Yard of the Institute for Children's Diseases as the location for green action because of the youngest patients, to make more pleasant their stay in the hospital environment. Employees voluntarily raised funds and purchased plants and benches. This is not the first "green" action of the Bank. Societe Generale Banka Montenegro has traditionally active approach to environmental protection.  So far, we have participated in the reforestation of parks and playgrounds in Podgorica. In the bank there is a constant initiative to reduce paper consumption and consumption of electrical energy," said the Head of Strategy, Marketing and Advertising Mr. Mile Grbin.

Dr Rada Rudanović from the Institute for Children's Diseases said the Institute for this action only continued good cooperation with Societe Generale Bank Montenegro. It is a great pleasure, she said, when so many young people work together, one heart, to improve the conditions of our children.

With this green action in the yard of the Institute for Children's Diseases the Bank joined international marking of the Earth Day, which implies that each individual should give personal example, act and contribute to raising awareness on the importance of nature conservation and environmental protection.

Through previous green activities, Societe Generale Banka Motenegro strived to be an example of how should one think and act "green", reduce emissions and power consumption. In front of the Head Office, a stop for bicycles was set last year. It was intended for customers and employees of the bank who use bicycles as means of transport, but as a lifestyle too. Old technology of illuminated advertising in all branches is replaced by the new LED technology. The bank carried out constant initiatives to reduce paper consumption, and separation of paper, plastic and metal waste in offices.

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