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Support to inclusive education

Podgorica, 16 November 2015



Societe Generale Banka Montenegro has provided specialized equipment for children with sight impairments attending four elementary schools: Milorad Musa Burzan, Dragisa Ivanovic in Podgorica, Olga Golović and Mileva Lajovic Lalatović, in Niksic.

The intention of the Bank was to support inclusive education and help children with visual impairments or children without sight to easier attend school with their peers and gain skills important for functioning in society. In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, after assessing the needs of schools, consultation with experts (special teachers), an overview of necessary funds for the purchase was made. Among them are the Braille machine, geometric kit, mathematical tools, drawing board, transparent plastic labels for inscriptions on the door in Braille (for each room in the school: classrooms, offices, a room for physical, staff room, office directors, educators, psychologists, etc).

The Bank supported inclusive education with the donation of handbook for work with children with autism to all primary schools at the beginning of the school year, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Institute for Textbooks and Teaching Aids - Podgorica, that issued the handbook.

The Handbook gives answers to frequently asked questions and dilemmas of parents, school teachers and professionals in the process of education, which have direct or indirect contact with children with autism. The manual contains a thumbnail through which children who have not developed verbal communication have the ability to communicate.

The Bank employees gave their contribution to the education system as well, on their own initiative. They launched the action "Gift Book" and collected about 360 books. The books were donated to the elementary school "Vukasin Radunovic" in Berane.

Societe Generale Montenegro in line with the sustainable socially responsible business initiates the actions of civic solidarity that promote community spirit among employees and providing arms to help vulnerable groups in society. Citizen Commitment Time solidarity is traditionally filled with humanitarian and volunteer activities of employees in the Group. This year, the solidarity activities are focused on education and inclusion.

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