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Art works of Ivana Stanic

Podgorica, 21 October 2015.



A young Academic artist Ivana Stanic presented herself with the cycle of paintings in Art Space, at the Headquarters of Societe Generale Bank Montenegro.

Stanic graduated at Novi Sad Academy of Fine Arts, in the class of professor Mr.  Zoran Todorovic, Department of graphics. She spent two years at the Academy in Düsseldorf, in drawing and graphics, in the class of Professor Mr. Herbert Brandl. Until now, she had several group and solo exhibitions.

For works of Ivana Stanic, Art historian Iva Körbler said that they are urban studies and scenes of characters that live on the city's stage, deeply and authentically understood. She said that the artist shows characters with “no derision, irony, cynicism or intentional potentiating grotesque”
and from each of the drawings the artist shows deep empathy for the people. Ivana Stanic has that deep psycho-emotional probe that every great ad important artist needs, without the fear of their own and others' abyss of the psyche and emotions, concluded Art historian Kobler.

The works were made in the combined technique, in small formats, predominantly with urban themes which are under the influence of German painting at the beginning of the last century. They are combination of Dadaist collage and surreal reality in the frame images, in parallel with the reflection of graffiti, comics or children's drawings.

Recall, the project Art Space is intended for young artists in order to promote their new ideas and support them in further creative work. The project started as a CitizienCommitementTime solidarity action at the global level of Societe Generale Group. This time is traditionally filled with humanitarian and volunteer activities of employees in the Group.

The Bank will continue to support the promotion of artists and sales exhibition through our channels of communication, including corporate profiles on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

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