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Paintings of Srdjan Ilincic in the Space for Art

In the Space for Art, within the Societe Generale Montenegro Head office, an exhibition of the young Montenegrin artist, master in painting, Srdjan Ilinčić was opened.

The exhibition consists of ten paintings of ​​abstract expressionism. As the author said : "Their form and content cannot refer to nature. Any resemblance to the details of nature is random and is only in the eye of the observer. Emotional and mental state of these art works are translated into visual language through color, line, surface, stain, rhythms. The range is summed up in the red, black, white and gray. The colors are mixed with each other only on the canvas according to the principle of transparency or in the eye of the observer based on frequency, size and number of spots, stains and lines. Intense and clean color changes the tonal values from thick moves in sensitive stains in mat or lacquer finish. "

Srdjan Ilinčić was born in Podgorica in 1978. He won the award of the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2001 in painting and teaches now the theoretical subjects in Art High school "Petar Lubarda" at Cetinje.

Project Space for Art is intended for young artists, in order to promote their new ideas and support them in their further creative work. This project started within the Citizen Commitment Time solidarity initiative at the global level of Societe Generale Group.

The Bank will continue to support the promotion of young artists and their sales exhibition through its own channels of communication and corporate profiles of social networks Facebook and Twitter.

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