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Ninth exhibition at Art Space

Podgorica,10 May, 2016.



Academic painter Jelka Šušović present her art work in Art space of Headquarters of  Societe Generale banka Montenegro. 

Cycles of 10 paintings was made with combined technique. Ms Šušović said that she worked on these paintings, from year 2000 until today, where  inspirations from everyday life are recognizable: association on close relationships, waiting, interspaces, life in traditional Montenegro and completely new Italy, with dominant motive of Montenegrina, women from Montenegro faced with existential questions.

Ms Šušović was born in Podgorica, graduated at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. She lives in Podgorica and Bari, Italy.  

Recall, the project Art Space is intended for young artists in order to promote their new ideas and support them in further creative work. The project started as a CitizienCommitementTime solidarity action at the global level of Societe Generale Group. This time is traditionally filled with humanitarian and volunteer activities of employees in the Group.

The Bank will continue to support the promotion of artists and sales exhibition through our channels of communication, including corporate profiles on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

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