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We planted 150 tree seedlings


Societe Generale Montenegro donated 150 tree seedlings to enrich green areas and to replace old trees in four parks in Podgorica. This activity is one of the numerous activities of the bank dedicated to celebration of its 150th anniversary. The employees of the bank spent one day of the weekend planting trees in the parks Njegošev, Karađorđev, Kraljev and Pobrežje and they contributed to creating new and preserving the existing green corners in the capital. Our partner in this activity was company “Zelenilo” which filmed the locations and defined the quantity to be planted at four locations. In Njegosev park, in the part south from Viseci bridge where many trees were devastated in the fire, the employees planted pines, maples and locust trees. A new park at Pobrežje is now richer for birch trees, maple and locust trees, but also for magnolias and palm trees. As there were some sensitive plants, landscape architects and employees in Zelenilo controlled and assisted to the planting providing necessary instructions for proper planting of seedlings.

The employees of the bank planted trees together with their family members and numerous citizens who spend their Sunday morning in the park. 

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