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New Year’s gifts for students pedestrians from villages

Podgorica, 25 december 2015



Employees of Societe Generale banka Montenegro donated the New Year gifts to 130 students from eight rural schools, mainly from Nikšić. Gifts are the outcome of a common humanitarian action by employees and their own initiative implemented last weekend in Delta City.

This is the second humanitarian activity of employees, within the New Year’s holiday, in which funds were collected by selling the treats they prepared themselves. This activity was intended for purchasing of New Year's gifts for students 8 rural schools with 130 pupils. These are a regional departments of primary schools "Ivan Vušović", "Braća Ribar" and "Janko Mićunović" in Nikšić. Students, pedestrians from rural schools have less suitable life conditions compared to children from urban areas. At the end of a full day of activity, 1,300 Euros were raised

Societe Generale banka Montenegro together with employees strives for years to be useful and responsible member of the Montenegrin society, to be an example and call others on socially responsible activities.

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